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Accident Lawsuit Loans Questions and Answers

Is this a loan?

NO! We provide insurance settlement funding and accident cash advance to lawsuit plaintiffs and injured accident victims. Although our legal funding products are often referred to as accident lawsuit loans and insurance settlement loans, we provide non-recourse settlement advance. If you lose or do not settle your lawsuit or if you do not collect any money from your claim, you are not obligated to pay back the accident lawsuit advance.


If I borrow money against my lawsuit lose my lawsuit and my case does not settle, will I be personally responsible for paying back the cash advance?

NO! Borrowing against lawsuit is an advance against your lawsuit settlement. The lawsuit settlement loans is paid back only from the money you win from your case.  If you lose your case or do not recover any money from your claim, you don’t have to repay the cash advance.


Do I qualify for accident lawsuit loans if I have bad credit or have filed bankruptcy in the past?

YES! We are not concerned with your credit history, credit score, past bankruptcy, or current employment status. The decision on approving you for a loan against insurance settlement is based upon an evaluation of your personal injury case. If the underwriter believes your lawsuit will secure a settlement or jury award, you will be approved for a loan on settlement.


What if I don't win or settle my lawsuit with the defendant or insurance company?

You will owe absolutely nothing!


If I received a lawsuit cash advance from another insurance settlement funding company, am I eligible to receive another advance on my case?

There are many clients who are eligible to a receive second lawsuit cash advance on their injury claim. If the case still has merits and the initial advance is under the percentage used to determine maximums then yes. Lawsuit funding companies will buyout the existing settlement funding lien from the other funding source, and offer additional lawsuit funding against the case.


Are there any up-front fees, out of pocket cost, or monthly payments?

NO! You will NOT pay anything up front. There are no monthly payments. There are no out of pocket expenses. You pay back the amount of the advance and any accrued monthly usage fees only if you win or settle your case. If you lose your case, you owe nothing.


Why would my attorney not recommend using litigation funding services?

Your attorney may have had a negative experience with another settlement funding company. Your attorney may not understand the financial difficulties many personal injury accident victims experience after a serious and devastating accident. Nirvana Funding is a leading, experienced, and professional settlement loans company serving accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs in the United Stated and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


What is the process?

You begin by applying online or calling us at 1-888-715-8701. We will then contact your attorney for information on your case. A legal underwriter will review the information and evaluate your case for funding. We then call you with the amount of the accident lawsuit loans and the specific lawsuit loan interest rates.


How long does the process take?

From the time we have all the information we need from your attorney, we can have you approved for an accident lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours.


How much can I get?

Nirvana Legal Solutions has significant resources. While each and every case is unique and different, we will advance between $1,000 and $500,000 in lawsuit money today.


What if I already got a lawsuit advance from another company?

If your request is approved, you will be advanced enough additional money to pay off the amount you owe for the prior lawsuit loan so that you can refinance that deal at our lower lawsuit loans interest rates. We will arrange for a buyout of the prior advance first. However, with the low lawsuit loans rates we can secure, this often saves you money.


Do you get involved with my case?

NO! We DO NOT get involved with your lawsuit or injury case whatsoever. You and your attorney continue to make all decisions. We simply provide assistance in the form of settlement funding.


If I’m interested in receiving a free consultation to ask additional questions regarding the process, or interested in receiving an advance against my case, what is the fastest way to get a response?

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