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Nirvana Legal Solutions is a national settlement funding company. We specialize in post settlement loan for virtually any type of lawsuit or insurance claim. If you have settled your lawsuit or accident claim and need cash while you are waiting for the settlement check, we can offer you a post settlement loan up to $500,000 in just 24 hours or less!  


Post Settlement Loans

Post Settlement LoansNirvana Legal Solutions is one of the nation's leading full-service settlement funding companies. We offer affordable and fast post settlement loans solutions to lawsuit plaintiffs and bodily injury claimants all across America. If you have a settled case and are searching for a lawsuit advance on your lawsuit settlement, we can offer you a post settlement loan from $1,000 to $500,000 in just 24 hours. A post settlement loan is simply a risk-free, no-credit check cash advance on a settled and resolved case. Post settlement loans can provide you or your client with cash now so you can stay financially afloat and meet your financial needs until you get your settlement money from the insurance company or corporate defendant.

Whether because the lawsuit settlement is being processed, an appropriation is pending, court approval is being sought, or the final administrative stages of a class action distribution are evolving, our post settlement loans program can assist meeting your financial obligations.

Since our post settlement funding loans program is a cash advance on a settled case, rather than a conventional bank loan, qualifying for a post settlement cash advance is fast and easy. There is no credit check, no up-front fees, no out-of-pocket fee, and no monthly payments. The settlement cash advance is paid back by your attorney from proceeds from the settlement check. 

Nirvana Legal makes the post settlement cash advance process hassle-free. We requires only a few documents. If you have a settled case and need a cash advance from $1,000 to $500,000 e-mail or fax the settlement documents, signed release, and retainer agreement. We will have you approved in a matter of hours, not days! 

Lawsuit Settlement Loans

It is not unusual for it to take anywhere between several weeks or months to receive the settlement proceeds depending on the type of case, the number of plaintiffs, the size of the settlement,and the terms of the settlement payout.

You don't have to wait months for your lawsuit settlement cash to be disbursed by your attorney. We will provide you with a lawsuit settlement loans cash advance usually within one day after receiving the necessary documents. As with all of our settlement loans programs, there are absolutely zero hidden fees, no up-front expenses, and no credit check. You can use the post settlement cash advance cash right away for whatever you need, whether it’s to cover your rent, car payment, tuition, child care expenses, or mortgage.

We provide legal funding for a wide variety of lawsuits. These are a few examples of our lawsuit advances, we offer auto accident settlement funding, bus accident settlement funding, car accident settlement funding, slip and fall accident settlement funding, motor vehicle accident settlement funding, premises liability settlement funding, product liability settlement funding, medical malpractice settlement funding, tractor trailer accident settlement funding, and motorcycle accident settlement funding. 

Post Settlement Cash Advance

You've waited month, maybe years to win the fair compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Now you have to wait weeks, maybe months until your settlement money arrives. If you need a lawsuit settlement loan now because of financial pressures or an emergency, don't wait any longer. Contact Nirvana Legal Solutions for an advance on your settled case.

Remember there is no obligation to you just for applying with us, and there are no hidden costs. Our hassle-free post settlement loans process make getting you a lawsuit advance fast and easy. And when you are approved, we will send the money to you by overnight mail or electronic wire transfer.

If you are searching for a lawsuit settlement loan on a settled and finalized tort lawsuit, arbitration award, or mediation decision, Nirvana Legal Solutions can assist you in just 24 hours. Contact us today by calling us toll-free at 1-888-715-8701 or by sending an email to us at We look forward to assisting you.


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Post Settlement Loans

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Post Settlement Cash Advance

Nirvana Legal is a full service settlement funding company providing pre settlement funding and post settlement funding to lawsuit plaintiffs and personal injury accident victims throughout the U.S. We provide post settlement loans, lawsuit cash advance, insurance settlement loans, funding lawsuit, accident cash advance, lawsuit funding, lawsuit loans, legal funding, accident lawsuit loans, and lawsuit money advance. The money we advance is not a loan. The plaintiff is provided with money now in exchange of a legal funding lien. If you are searching for borrowing money against my lawsuit, Nirvana Funding can help you get lawsuit money now with our auto accident loans, tractor trailer lawsuit settlement loans, auto accident loans, car accident lawsuit funding, auto accident loans, medical malpractice lawsuit loans, and auto accident lawsuit loans. Get money for lawsuit now!