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Do you have a lawsuit and need money Now? We can offer you a no-risk cash advance on your lawsuit settlement.

If you have an injury claim and need help with your bills or emergency, an accident loan puts money in your hands Today.


Settlement Loans

Pre-Settlement Loans

Nirvana Legal Solutions is a national legal funding company providing injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs with cash before they win or settle their case. If you Need Cash Now, while you are waiting for your lawsuit to settle, Nirvana Legal Solutions can advance you $1,000 to $500,000 from your expected settlement.

A settlement loan from Nirvana Legal puts cash in your hands today so you can stay financially afloat until you get the money from your settlement. Although our legal funding products are often referred to a "loan" or "loans," settlement loans are not traditional loans.

Settlement loans are no-risk cash advances to injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs. There is no credit check, no up front fees, no income requirements and no employment requirements. We only look at your lawsuit and financial needs, not your credit score or history.

In addition, since the settlement funding is a cash advance and not loan, you do not have to make any monthly payments. The settlement loan is paid by once your case is finished and you have received your lawsuit settlement money.

Nirvana Legal is recognized as one of the best settlement lawsuit loans companies in the industry. We are the first choice many of the best law firms in the United States. We are a full services legal settlement funding company offering pre-settlement loans on cases that are pending and post-settlement loans on settled cases.

We offer accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs insurance settlement loans, commercial litigation lawsuit funding, accident cash advance, medical malpractice legal loans, surgery lawsuit funding, wrongful death settlement funding, and post settlement loans.

Get the help you need today and apply for a settlement loan by filling out the short-form online application or call us at 1-888-715-8701. The settlement funding is just a click or phone call away.


Surgery Lawsuit Funding

Surgery Lawsuit Funding

Nirvana Legal Solutions is one of the few lawsuit funding companies in America specializing in surgery lawsuit funding for injured accident victims. Surgery lawsuit funding is a no-risk legal funding advance for bodily injury claimants and personal injury lawsuit plaintiff who need help paying the costs of their next surgical procedure.

Our surgery lawsuit funding works by advancing you money from lawsuit to pay for any accident related surgical procedure. The money for surgery that we provide to lawsuit plaintiffs is a cash advance for surgery. This legal funding program is better and faster than a traditional surgery loan or surgery financing. The funding is a lawsuit advance against your potential lawsuit settlement so you pay back the surgery advance when you win or settle your injury case.

Surgery lawsuit funding, which is also called surgery funding, surgery lawsuit loans, and surgery accident loans, is available to accident victims and personal injury lawsuit throughout the United States. If you have sustained a back injury, neck injury, knee injury, spine injury, shoulder injury, ankle injury, or wrist injury and and need money for surgery, our surgery lawsuit funding program is your lawsuit funding solution!

As the nations leading surgery lawsuit funding company, we provide knee surgery lawsuit funding, spinal fusion lawsuit loan, back surgery lawsuit funding, shoulder surgery legal funding, and neck surgery cash loan. Whether you need discectomy surgery lawsuit funding, arthroscopic surgery lawsuit funding, fusion surgery lawsuit funding, or lawsuit funding for knee shoulder arthroscopic surgery, we can get you the legal funding you urgently need. All you have to do is complete the short-form online application or call us toll free at 1-888-715-8701.

Surgery lawsuit funding has helped thousands of injured accident victims get the medical treatment they urgently needed. The lawsuit cash advance for surgery was created to help those who need surgery but do not have medical insurance, no fault auto insurance, personal injury protection insurance benefits, or medical payments coverage.


Lawsuit Cash Advance

Lawsuit Cash AdvanceInsurance settlement cash advance levels the playing field for accident victims and can help you hold-out for a larger lawsuit settlement. In addition, a settlement cash advance will help your attorney take all the time needed to better prepare your case for litigation.

Qualifying for an accident cash advance on your lawsuit settlement is really simple. If you have suffered a personal injury, have an attorney representing you, and need cash until you win or settle your lawsuit, we can get you cash for lawsuit in 24 hours. We provide lawsuit money now to accident victims all across America. Lawsuit cash advance is available in more than 45 states.

We specialize in lawsuit cash advance New York, lawsuit cash advance Texas, lawsuit cash advance Georgia, lawsuit cash advance Florida, lawsuit cash advance New Jersey, lawsuit cash advance California, lawsuit cash advance Washington, lawsuit cash advance Atlanta, lawsuit cash advance Pennsylvania, lawsuit cash advance Kentucky, and more. Contact Nirvana Legal Funding today to get approved for a lawsuit advance on your accident settlement at a low lawsuit loans rates.

Save yourself time, money worry, and stress by getting the insurance settlement loans you need right away. A friendly and experienced legal funding specialist is ready and available to assist you now.

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Settlement Funding

Accident Claims Cash Advance

Surgery Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Settlement Loans

Surgery Lawsuit Funding

Surgery Lawsuit Funding

Surgery lawsuit funding a cash advance against a pending case for innocent accident victims to help pay the costs and expenses of surgery and medical treatment.

Accident Cash Advance

Accident Cash Advance

Our accident cash advance puts money in your hands NOW, before you settle your lawsuit or get your lawsuit settlement money. Innocent accident get $1,000 to $500,000 in 24 hours.

Insurance Settlement Loans

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Nirvana Legal Solutions offers a full range of lawsuit funding and settlement loan services in the following states: Alabama, AL; Arizona, AZ; Arkansas, AR; California, CA; Connecticut, CT; Delaware, DE; lawsuit loans Florida FL; Georgia, GA; Idaho, ID; Illinois, IL; Indiana, IN; Iowa, IA; Kentucky, KY; Louisiana, LA; Massachusetts, MA; Michigan, MI; Minnesota, MN; Mississippi, MS; Missouri, MO; Montana, MT; Nebraska, NE; Nevada, NV; lawsuit loans New Jersey, NJ; lawsuit loans New York NY; Oklahoma, OK; Oregon, OR; Pennsylvania, PA; Rhode Island, RI; South Carolina, SC; South Dakota, SD; Tennessee, TN; Texas, TX; Utah, UT; Virginia, VA; Washington, WA; West Virginia, WV; Wisconsin, WI; Wyoming, WI; and the District of Columbia D.C.

Nirvana Legal Funding provides risk-free lawsuit funding and surgery lawsuit funding. The term "loan" or "loans" is used to describe the transaction of providing a monetary advance or legal funding, which is the non-recourse purchase of a portion of a potential future settlement. It is not a loan. Unlike a loan, the non-recourse nature of a monetary advance means that if the plaintiff or potential plaintiff does not receive a monetary recovery, no repayment of the funded amount is due. Repayment is required only if the plaintiff receives a monetary settlement or award.

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